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Women deserve the best!

Welcome to Azellia, your one stop shop for homemade cosmetics, vibrant makeup, skincare, natural beauty products and more.

For us, beauty goes together with nature, and nature resonates of beauty.

We're obsessed with providing you with the best-in-class makeups, skincare products and innovative beauty accessories.

With a particular focus to the origin of natural cosmetics, while being mindful of the environment and your wellness.

Our top-of-the-line natural cosmetics take advantage of active ingredient from plants and mineral extracts.

To help our customers with preparing their homemade cosmetics, we are committed to providing them with simple, fast and easy to use kits.

Therefore, our innovation engineers are consistently developing cosmetic sets individualized for beginners to the "DIY" aficionados alike.

For each of our secret recipe such as shea whipped cream, sugar and coconut body scrub, solid moisturizing lotion and more, we offer complete kits including pre-measured ingredients, container and easy instructions!

Azellia's CEO believes that: “our natural cosmetic products made from the flesh of mother nature, carefully chosen for their high quality and effectiveness, will heighten our customer's experience”.

Key part of a balanced diet, fruits and plants have also many benefits for your skin and hair.

Achieve your best skin ever with our exclusive brand of Mineral makeup, Vegan products, Natural cosmetics.